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Fall Haul Out

We would like to thank all of our members and guests for using the marina’s services and facilities this year and we look forward to working with you in the future.

There’s no doubt that every boating season seems to fly by too quickly!

Winter is a great time to have projects done to your boat (so it does not take time out of your boating season).  We are scheduling our Winter projects–please call us for an estimate for any work you may be considering.

We will be offering a limited amount of inside storage; this is on a first-come, first-served basis.

As in previous years, we are scheduling haul-out/winterizations by the week.  Please have your boat ready on Monday morning of the week you are scheduled.  Unfortunately, not everyone can be pulled out the last two weeks in October .  If you want your boat to be in the water until late October, it is essential that you complete and submit the below Haul Out Form.

Because the last two weeks of October fill up so fast, we will not winterize boats that are not on our schedule.  (Please remember you are responsible for cold weather damage until the marina winterizes your boat.)

As soon as we receive your Haul Out Form, you will secure your haul out week.  If the week that you pick is already full, you will be re-scheduled to the previous week, and we will contact you.

It is a big time saver for the marina employees if you can run your water tank dry the last time you are on your boat.  It is also greatly appreciated if you can remove your camper tops and icing glass for shrink-wrapping.  Please leave a note on the dash of your boat saying if your boat has been pumped out.

We are offering full service shrink-wrapping again this year.  Shrink-wrapping is the process of building a custom frame over your boat, and heating shrink-wrap plastic over the frame.  This creates a custom fit cover for your boat, which protects your investment from the elements (i.e. rain and snow).  We will be personally shrink-wrapping all boats, which we have been doing professionally for the past 20+years.

With the hydraulic trailer and launch ramp, we are capable of pulling boat up to 46 feet in length and 35,000 lbs.

Please feel free to call us with any questions, and again thank you for your business.

9/28/18:  The Week of October 15th is full.  You will not be able to select it, please select another week.

9/11/18:  The Week of October 22nd is full.  You will not be able to select it, please select another week.

Fall Haul Out Form




2018 Winterize Pricing




Winterize Engines



$ 79.95

Hot Faucet

$ 9.95 each

Cold Faucet

$ 9.95 each

V6 and V8

$ 94.00

Water Heater

$19.95 each

Jet Boat Engine

$ 64.95

Ice Maker



$ 48.95

Air Conditioner

(water cooled)

$19.95 each

Check Lower Unit for Water

$ 5.95

Deck wash down



$ 59.95

Dockside fill

(Dockside water supply)

$ 9.95

Stabilizer added to gas

$10.00 + materials

Waste Pump Out




$14.95 each

Antifreeze (Non Toxic)

$ 4.99 per gallon



Up to 22 feet

$ 14.00 per foot

Pressure wash bottom of boat

$ 3.75 per foot

Haul Out

$ 5.25 per foot

23 – 29 feet

$ 15.00 per foot

Blocking fee

$ 3.50 per foot

With Flybridge

$ 16.75 per foot

Trailer fee

(to put boat on your trailer)

$ 3.50 per foot

30 – 34 feet

$16.00 per foot

With Flybridge

$17.75 per foot


*Does not include haul-out;   blocking or launch

35 – 37 feet

$17.00 per foot

Outside $14.50 per foot

With Flybridge

$19.75 per foot

Inside $4.50 per square foot

38 – 42 feet

$18.00 per foot

Storage is from   Haul Out thru April 15, 2019

With Flybridge

$20.00 per foot

Storage after April 15 is $10.00 per foot per week                  (Without 2019 Contract)

Install zipper door in plastic

$ 40.00 each